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Law Commission's Programme of Law Reform: Automated Vehicles

Posted by Eleanor Cawthra Jan 8, 2018

The 13th Programme of Law Reform was launched in December 2017 and the report includes a section on automated vehicles. The full report can be accessed here. The expected start date for the review is February 2018 and it is expected to last 3 years.

The Government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) has asked the Law Commission to undertake a review to deliver reforms promoting the development and use of automated vehicles, and their application as part of public transport networks and on-demand passenger services by 2021.

Automated vehicles do not readily fit within existing legal frameworks, so the review will identify pressing problems in the law that may be barriers to the use of automated vehicles, as well as considering broader, longer term reforms. The Law Commission will also explore how automated vehicles could fit within existing regulation of public transport frameworks, and provision of innovative on-demand passenger transport.

The review will build on previous work from the Department for Transport, CCAV’s Code of practice for testing of automated vehicle technologies, and the insurance reforms contained in the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill. The Law Commission’s work will aim to promote public confidence in the safe use of automated vehicles. This project will also feed in to the recently announced regulatory review as part of the ‘Future of Mobility’ Grand Challenge.  

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