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Discussion post – wellness in the workplace

Posted by Jessica Cherry 9 months ago

Our recent blog posts on wellness in the workplace explored how having regard to ‘employee wellness’ not only benefits employees, but also employers, and how some companies are tailoring their office spaces in order to positively contribute to this.

Inspired by this, we informally asked members of our Cambridge office what they would like to see in an office that would improve their wellness. The many and varied suggestions included a gym and classes; a pool table and social space; adaptive lighting; standing-up workspaces; sleep stations; and on-site childcare.

Some of these suggestions, such as adaptive lighting, are already being taken into account by some employers and landlords. For example, circadian lighting modulates the spectral distribution of light sources to positively enhance the body’s function, supporting a healthy physiological system and promoting a strong sleep-wake cycle.

But how realistic is it for landlords and employers to take into account “wellness” demands from their tenants and employees? An office space that incorporated all of the above ideas would certainly make for a varied and interesting place to work, enabling employees to stay fit and healthy during their working hours, and to forge strong relationships with colleagues through the ability to be more sociable. Whilst sleep stations could in fact foster an unhealthy work-life balance, on-site childcare would make many parents’ lives easier.

Whilst some may argue that implementing these suggestions would reduce valuable real estate space, and drive up design prices, with 130 million days of sickness absence in the UK each year, 13.3 million of which are due to stress and anxiety, it certainly gives us a lot to think about.

If you have other ideas about how you would like to see your office space evolve to contribute to your wellness, post them below!

This post was edited on May 15, 2018 by Karolina Labrenz

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