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How smart is your office?

Posted by Cassandra Clark 8 months ago

The humble office is changing. With property betterment being listed as one of the driving factors behind relocations, the office is becoming an exciting place to work. Occupiers are looking for a variety of factors including future-proofed digital infrastructure, flexible working spaces and inspiring spaces to attract and retain the best staff to name just a few.  

 Digital connectivity is continually advancing and is essential to support the office of the future; the Sogeprom office in Paris is set to be the first office in the world making use of Li-Fi where the internet is supplied by the building’s  lighting . Li-Fi is high speed and bi-directional, increasing connectivity and supporting the digital way of working by tapping into light waves rather than radio waves. Anywhere that can have a bulb will be able to receive Li-Fi unlike traditional Wi-Fi which can have black spots. An advanced level of security is listed as one of the advantages of Li-Fi  (as the light will be contained within solid walls and you must be able to see the light to connect) and it is described as the enabling of the internet of things (100 times more devices).

 The combination of the simple light bulb with the internet to create a whole new strand of digital infrastructure  is not only potentially the next biggest ‘want’ for the office of the future but is also a great example of how businesses are thinking outside the box when it comes to future-proofing industry using infrastructure that is commonly already in place.

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