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Mills & Reeve attend the second Placetech Trend Talk

Posted by Jennifer Lewis 6 months ago

The second Placetech Trend Talk took place on 17th July in Amsterdam bringing together property professionals from the UK and across Europe to discuss future trends and the rise of proptech.

The first panel presentations and discussion showcased speakers from Simaxx, Chainels and Coyote Software. All three are using new tech platforms to improve the real estate experience. For Simaxx it is energy efficiency and maintenance, Chainels create a platform for shopping mall operators to better communicate with their tenants resulting in happier tenants, and Coyote provide an online platform for the full life cycle of real estate investment from finding the opportunity to purchase, management and disposal.

For me the key benefit from all of these technologies is communication. When all the parties involved have an easy way to communicate and find information it cuts out unnecessary time and so saves money. It also means relationships with other parties in the transaction are improved which always leads to better outcomes overall.

The second panel featured Liquid Real Estate Innovation, UNSense and Edge Technologies. I thought Linda Chandler, co-founder of Liquid hit the nail on the head with her key theme of ‘not if but when’. She also spoke about the third space between office and home working and readying our cities to be more flexible to meet this demand.

Not smart buildings but cognitive buildings was the key message from UNSense as they incorporate data into their architectural designs to incredible visual effect.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation from Erik Ubels of Edge Technologies. The Edge building in Amsterdam is featured on Placetech as one of the world’s smartest buildings. It was fascinating hearing how this was achieved and to see the confidence that Edge have in their building – unlike other developers they take a twenty year headlease and let the building themselves rather than walking away on completion.

The discussions on the many themes and topics raised in the event went on long after the presentations themselves had finished. It seems like the traditional world of real estate is really waking up now to the proptech opportunities.

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