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The Exciting Disruptors launch event explored how autonomous vehicles are changing the way we think about the approach to the location, design and planning of new settlements and urban extensions of the future. This demonstrated what the real estate sector needs to consider is, beyond property and planning, how technology such as 3D printing, AI and drones are changing the way we approach real estate for the future. 

Tell us what disruptor you think we are going to see in 2018 and how it is going to impact the way you are working today? 

Get yourself to the top of the leader board by 28 March 2018 and win a bottle of Champagne!  


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A number of Proptech start-ups are building property visualisation apps, using augmented reality and virtual reality to view a building and its underlying structure.  By borrowing technology from the gaming world, users will be able to explore a potential property investment in an intuitive, game-like environment.  Last year, CBRE acquired Floored, a NY based start-up developing this technology.  More investment and progress in this area looks likely in 2018.

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